About The Network

Founded in 2017, this international network is dedicated to challenging a major phenomenon of our times: precarity and precariousness. Working in the social sciences and humanities its members refer to concepts of precarity (a political condition, the consequence of uneven power relations under globalization) and precariousness (the inherent state of vulnerability and marginality resulting from the differential distribution of resources), attributing these conditions and states to structural inequality, lack of agency, reduced access to rights and capabilities, and social exclusion. Under scrutiny is the systemic social and economic deprivation of populations in the Global South caused by political neglect or corruption and catalyzing an unparalleled exodus of refugees. World attention is now focusing as never before on planetary precarity caused by environmental degradation, climate change and the crisis of global warming as the need for international collaboration to reduce carbon emissions become urgent. Today there is the new precariat, in particular the subclass whose precaritization appears in aspects of the gig economy, such as zero hours contracts embraced by remittance workers and that contributes to the radical economic marginality visible in homelessness and soup kitchens. And finally, as the global coronavirus pandemic has starkly shown, there is precarity due to lack of access to the internet and its resources: this constitutes the new illiteracy of the 21st century. The network is presciently placed to address the global crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic, one of such enormous impact and consequence that it can be considered as marking a new threshold in all discourses on precarity.

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